The Case of the Missing Book: Part 1


Congratulations to Keegan for her winning title entry: The Case of the Missing Book.

Here it is! (Read all the way to the bottom for a chance to direct the mystery and win a prize.)

The Case of the Missing Book: Part 1

Title by Keegan

Story by Sara Lynne Hilton

A large, muscled man wearing a jacket labeled SECURITY pushed through the crowd of kids, knocking us aside like a semi knocking down barrels on the highway. As Lucas Blake reached for the door, the muscled man grabbed him by the back of his collar and yanked his body backwards.

“Where is it, kid?” the muscled man demanded.

Lucas turned to look at the guard. His collar twisted around him as the guard refused to let go. Seemingly with no fear, Lucas looked up at the muscled man towering over him and answered coldly, “Where’s what?”

The security guard grunted, and with his hand still clawed around Lucas’ collar, pulled him back through the crowd. This time there was no need to knock us aside. We all parted and made a path. No one dared speak. No one wanted the wrath of the guard. We silently watched them walk to the back of the foyer. The man pushed Lucas through a door and shut it behind them with a slam.

Our teacher, Mrs. Rachem, flurried from around the corner, another muscly security guard at her side.

“It seems our field trip has taken an unfortunate turn.” she said nervously. “It seems as though the museum is missing some property, isn’t that right sir?” she said to the security guard at her side. He didn’t look at her nor did he respond. He just stared at us kids with an icy glare. Mrs. Rachem gave a jittery laugh.

“As you probably noticed they have a suspect,” she continued, “but the museum has asked that no one leaves until this misunderstanding has been resolved. So, sit tight, find a place on the floor to get comfortable while we work this out.” She smiled and tried to look calm, but not one of us believed it. “I’m going to attend to Lucas for a moment. This is Mr. Sims,” she said gesturing to the large man beside her. “He will be staying with you, so please remember your manners while I’m gone.”

Mr. Sims crossed his arms over his massive chest. Mrs. Rachem looked at him uneasily and then turned to go.

“Mrs. Rachem?” Tasha called out after her. “What’s missing?”

Mrs. Rachem  stopped and then slowly turned to us. She no longer tried to mask her fear or her anxiety. “The Book of Letters.”

I need your help!

What is The Book of Letters? Why is it so important and why would it be a big deal for it to be stolen? Comment with your ideas. If you answer is chosen, you’ll be listed as one of the authors of the story and will win It’s a Colorful Life Calendar!



Contest ends Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 11:59pm. Winner announced Monday, January 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “The Case of the Missing Book: Part 1”

  1. Kate says:

    What is The Book of Letters? Nobody knows! That’s why it was so important! It was found in the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis, but in a bizarre foreign language. The museum’s top translators and historians have been trying to break the code, and were just on the verge of doing so, and possibly discovering what caused Atlantis’ downfall, when the book went missing!

  2. Frances cavanaugh says:

    The book of letters is secrets about how to get into ancient pyrimids in Egypt and how to not get killed in traps. And it tells you all the stuff that’s in the pyrimid. And this pyrimid has lots of rare ancient stuff that is worth a lot of money. And that is why it got stolen.

  3. The Book of Letters was a collection of letters from when the town first became a town, (where the story takes place). When you put all the letters together, and study them, you unraveled a mystery. A mystery that reveals a treasure hidden somewhere in town (in the library). The Museum wants to keep the ancient artifacts because they are valuable to the town. (Plus the Museum doesn’t know there is a treasure hidden.). But someone does!
    Mrs. VandenBrink & Mrs. Machiela’s 4th grade GEMS class at VRC
    Rebekah Scholten, Mayan Salas, Grace Caywood, Kyleigh Lamberts, Raina Bredeweg, Katelyn Inman, Kaitlyn Townes, & Chloe Jurries

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