The Case of the Missing Book: Part 2


Congratulations to Mrs. Vanden Brink and Mrs. Machiela’s 4th Grade GEMS Class for their winning idea! Here is what they wrote about The Book of Letters:

The Book of Letters was a collection of letters from when the town first became a town (where the story takes place). When you put all the letters together and study them, you unraveled a mystery — a mystery that reveals a treasure hidden somewhere in town (in the library). The museum wants to keep the ancient artifacts because they are valuable to the town. The museum doesn’t know there is a treasure hidden. But someone does!

Here is the next segment of the story! (Read all the way to the bottom for a chance to direct the mystery and win a prize.)

The Case of the Missing Book: Part 2

Title by Keegan

Story by Sara Lynne Hilton, Rebekah Scholten, Mayan Salas, Grace Caywood, Kyleigh Lamberts, Raina Bredeweg, Katelyn Inman, Kaitlyn Townes, & Chloe Jurries

“Isn’t that just that old book of letters from the Tenebray Exhibit?” Tasha asked once Mrs. Rachem disappeared behind the door where they had taken Lucas.

“I think so,” I answered. “But doesn’t seem like a weird thing to steal? I mean what would Lucas want with it? It’s not like he could sell it.”

The noise level of the foyer had slowly begun to crescendo as our class grew impatient with waiting.

“Quiet down!” The muscly Mr. Sims boomed over the noise. Even his voice seemed to have muscle. “No more talking!”

The chatter instantly stopped. I think most of us were afraid we’d be the next person taken to the mysteries room where they had taken Lucas.

“Maybe there is more to it,” I whispered to Tasha.

She shook her head and put her finger to her mouth, gesturing to me to keep quiet. But all the facts were just rattling around in my mind, and I couldn’t help myself.

“Maybe,” I whispered, “there is more to the book. I mean, maybe Lucas stole it for a reason. Or maybe it wasn’t even Lucas.” Tasha kept poking my leg and shushing me, but I kept going. “For all we know Mr. Sims stole it.”

“Or maybe you stole it,” said the muscle voice. He was standing right behind me. “What’s your name?” he barked at me. All eyes from my silent and scared classmates were on me.

“Chloe,” I answered.

“Well, Miss Chloe,” said Mr. Sims. “You seem to have a problem listening to directions. I clearly said no more talking and yet here you are talking. You seem to have a lot of  answers about what exactly happened. Get up.”

“What?” I asked.

“I said, stand up.”

I stood, but even standing Mr. Sims towered above me like a thick tree.

“You are coming with me,” he said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the mysterious door. There was no use struggling. He was too big and too strong. My only comfort was that Mrs. Rachem was behind that door. She would protect me. Mr. Sims’ giant mitt of a hand turned the doorknob. He opened the door and pushed me inside. I gasped at what I saw.

I need your help!

What did Chloe see? Comment with your ideas. If you answer is chosen, you’ll be listed as one of the authors of the story and will win It’s a Colorful Life Calendar!



Contest ends Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 11:59pm. Winner announced Monday, January 27, 2014.


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  1. Kate says:

    What Chloe saw: The first thing was Mrs. Rachem and Lucas bound and gagged, with a bunch of big security guards around them. As for the room itself, it was the room where the Book of Letters had been, so there were all sorts of maps, letters, blueprints, etc. scattered all over the room, even on the walls. (And may I add the possibility of the letters all being part of a map made of invisible ink… interesting plot twist… how did the map get cut up?)

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