What is GEMS?

what is GEMS?

GEMS Girls' Clubs is all about—well—girls!
Girls are active, imaginative, and unique. They are passionate! And GEMS offers them the perfect place to learn and grow as they discover who God created them to be. Clubs are offered in local churches and Christian organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and our mission is to bring girls everywhere into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

To do that, we inspire and train teams of women to mentor the next generation. GEMS was founded on the principles defined in Titus 2, and we want to grow women closer to God and closer to each other as we equip them to show girls how to live God-honoring lives.

Club Life
GEMS Girls' Clubs is a place to belong. At club, girls are welcomed into a vibrant community of mentors and peers who genuinely care about them. GEMS is an exciting, safe environment for girls to learn about God, His Word, and His world. Girls in club are organized into small groups with one leader (counselor) for every six to eight girls.

At club, girls in first through eighth grade will:

  • Develop a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Foster a relationship with their leader (counselor)
  • Make new friends and share in a caring small group
  • Learn how to apply the Bible to their lives
  • Find answers to challenges they face every day
  • Learn what it means to be an activist for Christ
  • Participate in service projects that make a difference in other’s lives
  • Cultivate important life skills through badge activities
  • Enjoy dynamic singing and creative movement in a large group setting
  • Make meaningful crafts that encourage others

Our Name and Vision
GEMS is an acronym for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior. Our vision is to see girls around the world actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others - girls equipped, motivated, and passionately engaged in living out their faiths.

Our History
GEMS is rooted in a deep tradition of faith. Since 1958, God has been using GEMS to impact the lives of countless women and girls, teaching them what it means to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.

Today, the ministry serves more than 24,000 girls as well as the 5,300 women who mentor them. And, for the first time ever, GEMS has over 900 active clubs!

GEMS is a non-denominational ministry with clubs established in several different denominations and non-denominational churches and Christian organizations. GEMS has been recognized as the official youth serving organization of the Christian Reformed Church, and curriculum is developed from a reformed perspective.

Learn More
Get more information about GEMS Girls' Clubs, read more about our rich history, discover how GEMS can serve you, get answers to common questions, or learn how to start a club.

You can also learn about our Annual Theme—a yearlong study developed around a specific passage of Scripture that addresses significant issues girls face today.

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