We believe that all girls are extraordinary.

And when you intentionally devote time to helping your daughter find her area(s) of excellence, you will be equipping her to live well—walking, loving, and serving according to her God-given design.

The Discover Place Badge Book

The Discovery Place Badge Book helps girls realize their gifts and talents. This, of course, all
starts with growing their love for God: learning more about how He is and what He has planned
for their lives.

Each of the 100 badges will fill girls’ HEADS with knowledge, fill their HEARTS with love, show them how to use their HANDS to serve others, and develop a HABIT of loving God and loving others.

Walking Together

But that’s not a journey you want your daughter to take alone. So, the Mom’s Guide gives you inspiration, insights, and ideas for engaging your daughter and encouraging her to think harder, go deeper, and learn more through each badge.

Together, you’ll unpack your daughter’s unique design as you do activities and discuss each
badge lesson.

The Basics

The Badge Book, sold in combination with the Mom’s Guide, allows girls to:
• Learn more about God
• Grow in their knowledge of His Word
• Discover how to care for His world and His people
• Explore their gifts and talents

Get a Taste

We believe the Discovery Place Badge Book is perfect for a variety of ages. Though specifically written in girls in grades 4-6, you know your daughter best, and we know a much larger age range of young women have benefited from the badge word. Each lesson is given a level (1-3) so you can pick and choose what is currently appropriate for your daughter. But we want you to feel confident in the material, so download a sample lesson to see what the Badge Book is all about!

GEMS Girls' Clubs is a relationship-building club program for girls.
For over fifty- five years we have been developing curriculum to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Based on the principles outlined in Titus 2, we believe women have a distinct calling
to mentor girls into godly adults.

Building on the continued
success of our clubs around
the world, we have adapted
our Badge Book for use in a
One-to-One setting— allowing
you to develop your relationship with your daughter(s) as you usher her through adolescence and help her discover exactly who God created her to be.